Freeway Fury 3 Games

Description: As a notorious fugitive from justice, you will have to make your way through a busy and dangerous freeway filled with cars, jumping from roof to roof until you have completed each level. While this may sound like a breeze, there are going to be plenty of challenges which will ultimately test your reflexes and other skills. Perform as many stunts as possible while you are evading the law to get a high score. The cars on the freeway in this game will be moving fast, so you will have to be quick as well in order to stay alive and out of jail.
Game Control: Press Left and Right arrow keys (or A and D) to drive. Hold Z, M or SPACE to stand on vehicle. Press arrow keys or WASD keys to jump while on vehicle. Press UP, X or N for nitro. Special feature: Rack up points quickly to enter FURY MODE. For a limited time your vehicle?s nitro will be extra powerful, you can jump farther, and escape if your vehicle explodes!
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